Discover the fail-proof method for unlocking engagement at any level from the captivating world of Hollywood storytelling.

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Presentation Skills

The Engagement Code: An Odyssey

This compelling keynote experience takes audiences on an unforgettable journey into the heart of effective communication. LaQuita draws from her years of experience in social psychology and Hollywood storytelling to unveil a secret code with the potential to transform attendees into clear, concise, and compelling communicators. Perfect for organizations who want to improve how their people engage and inspire others!

This keynote is perfect for audiences:

  • Developing their presentation skills
  • Wanting to get other people on board with their ideas
  • Seeking to elevate their public speaking skills

Attendees will leave with:

  • Actionable ways to instantly level-up the way they communicate
  • Tools to motivate, inspire, and engage teams, prospects, and customers
  • A proven formula for creating real engagement


Employee Engagement

The Employee Retention Ultimatum

Designed for leaders responsible for building exceptional teams, this instantly applicable keynote unlocks the code to help attendees harness the power of storytelling to fuel employee engagement, make their company values and messaging shine, and position their organization as an employer of choice.

This program is perfect for audiences:

  • Responsible for employee recruitment, engagement, and retention
  • Wanting to align those they lead around a shared sense of purpose
  • Grappling to keep employees engaged, motivated, and inspired

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of what potential recruits and employees need to hear
  • The tools they need to better engage those they lead
  • The formula for motivating people to reach their full potential


Executive Presence​

Leadership Presence: Hollywood Secrets Revealed

This captivating keynote equips audiences with the storytelling skills they need to break out of their comfort zones, unlock their leadership presence, and become more influential leaders. LaQuita shares how attendees can harness Hollywood insider secrets to enhance how they show up, build confidence in others, and earn trust.

This program is perfect for audiences:

  • Influencing or leading others
  • Needing to mobilize people into action
  • Developing how they show up, speak up, and deliver results

Attendees will leave with:

  • The code that will help them immediately hook someone’s attention
  • Insights into how they can use storytelling to become a more inspiring leader
  • An understanding of how to create impactful moments and experiences



Selling: Cracking the Hollywood Story Code 

This keynote uncovers storytelling tactics employed by Hollywood that can help salespeople and businesses stand out in a crowded business landscape. Audiences will learn how to transform any sales conversation into an extraordinary interaction, and discover strategies for creating dynamic and compelling pitches that captivate prospects and buyers from start to finish.

This program is perfect for audiences:

  • Wanting to leave a lasting positive impression after every interaction at work
  • Striving to build unbreakable loyalty in prospects and buyers
  • Seeking to improve their presentation skills to reach key sales goals

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of which stories to tell for which purpose, and how to leverage storytelling as a differentiator
  • Techniques for fostering trust and rapport with clients and customers
  • Storytelling frameworks that will dramatically improve how they engage others

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As a sought-after expert in the art of storytelling, LaQuita turns her vast experience from the captivating world of Hollywood entertainment into a fail-proof method for unlocking engagement at any level.

She has helped thousands of people elevate how they connect, build support, and strengthen trust—with their customers, with their employees, and with each other.

Using The Engagement CodeTM, LaQuita translates the storytelling craft she mastered supporting Oscar-winning stars on set as a Hollywood actor, writer, and producer into actionable lessons for corporate audiences, so they can experience REAL business results.

Audiences walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and driven to connect on a more human level.

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