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We all want our communication to lead to a RESULT.

Engaged clients, higher sales, and business growth.

Engaged employees, connected teams, and people who feel inspired to do their work.

But, how do we get there?

How do we build human-to-human connection that actually leads to outcomes?

of customer service teams agree, customer expectations are higher than ever.
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of buyers want to pay for a great customer service experience with consistent engagement.
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of employees are most motivated when internal communications are effective.
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Storytelling is the only way we can get there.

But not just any kind of storytelling…

The kind that lights people up when you use it, that connects the dots like never before, and that can be used every single day to power up how you engage.

Whether you’re:

Looking for a new way to help your team get recognized for their hard work…

Want to differentiate your brand so that it resonates with the right talent…

Or simply want to know which story to tell, when, so that people pay attention

You need a fresh approach.

The Engagement Code

Connection + Content + Delivery = Engagement


…to find common ground,

so you can build trust.


…that is clear, and that engages,

so people are inspired into action.


…that conveys the impact you seek, 

so that you influence outcomes.


…that shifts your entire culture for the better.

Our Approach

Part-Hollywood storytelling, part-social psychology, we help you harness the power of The Engagement Code™ to create the ULTIMATE level of engagement in your communication—shifting your entire culture for the better.

Whether you need a series of workshops, trainings, or customized support, the team at LaQuita’s Clear Communication Academy works with your organization to move your people away from simply “going through the motions” of sharing information toward connecting POWERFULLY through story.

Through our Clear Communication Academy consulting services, we empower your team to unlock the key to true engagement, equip them with an action plan for success, and support them to implement that plan fully.



Current State Analysis

Dive deep into your current state to assess pain points, issues, and goals to inform our future work together in terms of current opportunities that exist.



Keynotes & Workshops

We equip you with an action plan for success, so your team and organization can unlock the key to lasting engagement.



Consulting Programs & Support We support you with consulting programs that encourage true adoption, as you begin taking action to integrate The Engagement Code TM fully.

As a sought-after expert in the art of storytelling, LaQuita turns her vast experience from the captivating world of Hollywood entertainment into a fail-proof method for unlocking engagement at any level.

She has helped thousands of people elevate how they connect, build support, and strengthen trust—with their customers, with their employees, and with each other.

Using The Engagement CodeTM, LaQuita translates the storytelling craft she mastered supporting Oscar-winning stars on set as a Hollywood actor, writer, and producer into actionable lessons for corporate audiences, so they can experience REAL business results.

Audiences walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and driven to connect on a more human level.

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