Leaders Who Influence


Brilliant Communicators have the power to influence.


Is your business communication setting you up for success?


The way you communicate your products and services can help you gain LOYAL fans and customers.


Stop letting your products and services go unnoticed because you fail to communicate your unique place in your industry.

Successful businesses have CLEAR, POWERFUL, ENGAGING brands.

This course will teach you how to effectively communicate your brand to become a leader in your industry.


You will learn proven techniques, strategies, and tips to improve both your written and verbal communication skills.

  1. You need brand messaging that works.
    “I have an idea, but I need help with my messaging.”
  2. You need to sell your brand.
    “I need to build relationship with customers, fans, investors.”
  3. You need to create bold presentations.
    “I am not creating an impact with my speeches or presentations.”

Elevate your business by mastering:


Who is this program for?

People who want to grow their business

People who want to start a business

People who want loyal fans and customers

People who want to transform the way they communicate in business

Leaders who influence will help you:

Define your unique selling proposition

Clarify your brand

Define your company Why?

Become a better speaker in every situtation

Make your presentations more engaging


“Effective Communication”

“The whole training was energetic and very educational. The feedback from all participants was very positive. I would highly recommend LaQuita Ann to any individual or group looking to improve the effectiveness of their communications.”


Manuel Ebner

Chairman, Country Executive Bank of America Merrill Lynch




“Effective Leader”

“The lessons, knowledge, and tips you taught me were extremely insightful and will help me grow both personally and professionally. You have shown me the value of exuding confidence, competence, warmth and effectiveness and how important it is to remain relatable. I will continue to practice my speech and body language until it becomes second nature and I can confidently roll with the punches.”


Danna Metz

Account Manager at All Medical Executive Search

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