From Good to GREAT:

Public Speaking Master Class


I am excited to offer this exclusive Masterclass to talented entrepreneurs who are ready to take their speaking skills to the next level.


Whether you give presentations often and need a boost, or if you have a concept that you want to turn into an exceptional speech, we will give you immediate tips that you can use to make your presentation an overwhelming success.


This six-week virtual program will take you from basic idea to stage-READY. Each week we cover a new topic on video, giving you activities to work on, and providing you a chance to ask questions. During the final week, you will perform your speech and get the opportunity for detailed feedback.



Note: This Masterclass has limited spaces, in order to provide individual attention and speech feedback.


Have an idea, but need solid direction

Have a speech, but need to take it to the next level

You speak, but are missing the “wow” factor

Want to captivate your audience

Want to give your stage presence a boost

What can “From Good to Great” do for you?


Keep your audience engaged and energized.


Create Clarity:

Learn to put dynamic speeches and presentations together.

Provide Feedback:

Gain valuable feedback from trained communication professionals.



Take your speaking to the next level!

Enrollment is now closed for this period. For more information, or to get on the waitlist for the next available session, please contact Laquita.


    “Standing Ovation”


    “I have spoken publicly for over a decade, giving presentations from 1-hour to 4-hours in duration. But I had never given a 15-minute “Ted-Like” talk before. I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of having to deliver a meaningful speech in so little time. My first draft was horrendous. I tried to pack so much information in that it made very little sense at all. Then LaQuita stepped in. She was calm, understanding and confident that she could help shape my talk into a moving presentation that would leave the audience with a profound message. LaQuita was very easy to work with. She respected my wishes and worked with me tirelessly, not only on the content of my talk, but on the delivery, as well. At first I didn’t think it would even be possible to do what she was asking me to do. But in the end, her positive outlook and supportive style helped me gain the confidence I needed. And her helpful tweaks and insights made all the difference in the world. When I gave the presentation I was well rehearsed but natural. And the audience responded with a standing ovation. Need I say more…?”

    Jim Clemente

    Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent/Profiler & Writer/Producer Criminal Minds




    “Delivering Your BEST YOU”


    “Working with LaQuita was a phenomenal experience. I had done all kinds of public speaking during my time in the military and as a sales professional before I served our country. I did not realize the actual art that it takes to lead an audience through an emotional experience. When I first sat with LaQuita, she started breaking down my speech line by line. After multiple sessions, I can now look back at my first rendition and see the magic she brought to my presentation.
    Her years of expertise in this space is evident the first time you meet with her. She has incredible patience and really cares that you deliver the BEST YOU to any audience you may have to present to. There is NO WAY we would have had the response from the crowd without LaQuita’s wisdom. I would recommend her to anyone that has an important speech or presentation in the future. She is in a class by herself and not incorporating her knowledge would be a tragic mistake for anyone about to step on a BIG stage.”

    Brandon Soleau

    Retired Army Sargent/President, All Eagles Oscar Foundation