Are excuses ruining your life?


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I can’t get started until…

I don’t have enough money…

I will start next week, month, year…

If only I had the same resources as my friend…

All I need is________ then I will be ready…

STOP making excuses!

Your goals, your dreams, your ideas are washed ashore before they even set sail simply because you either never started OR never finished what you first imagined. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some accomplish so much while others, well…they merely exist.

Our fears keep us from achieving our goals. Fear makes us smaller in our own minds and strips us of self-confidence. When you think about how many people have perhaps been stopped from living in their true purpose because of fear, you begin to question how many new businesses, inventions or cures for diseases have yet to be realized

Decide today that you have everything you need to accomplish your goals.

What you don’t know you will either A. LEARN or B. FIND someone who does know and they will teach you.

You DO NOT have to have the perfect conditions to get started. To get started you simply need to…. START.

Many of the businesses and products you’ve come to know and love were started by someone just like YOU.

They were not smarter.

They didn’t have more money.

They didn’t know everything.

They decided to do something and followed through…

How do you begin?

Select Just 1 Goal

When you find yourself stuck, give yourself 1 small goal that you can accomplish.

Accomplishing this 1 small goal will give you the confidence to keep moving forward with the rest of your plans.

Discover Your Self

Reaching your full potential will require you get to know yourself better. Who are you really? What do you value? What do you love the most? What do you hate the most? What do you have to offer others that is truly unique? When you can answer these questions, you begin to find the spark that will light your dreams on fire – you will find your purpose, and purpose is the biggest catalyst of them all.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It won’t do you much good to discover your true self, only to compare that special and unique self to everyone else. You’ll never get started on your journey if you continually look at other people’s strengths and compare them to your weaknesses. Always remember that people you look up to, or who you think are more advanced than you, started where you are NOW, at the BEGINNING of their journey. The only difference is THEY STARTED. Will YOU?

Keep Learning

The biggest experts in their field and most successful business owners made it a priority to keep learning and improving their skills. As soon as you reach that first small goal we talked about, what will you have to learn to reach your second one, and your third, and all of your goals after that?

The key is to take your time with the process. There is no need for information overload here. No need to learn what you will need for your 5th goal right now. Just learn what you need to reach this initial goal, and then continue to steadily increase your knowledge and skills.

Find a Mentor

If you’re not sure exactly what skills or knowledge are necessary then find a mentor who can guide you on your journey. By creating connections with people who can help you along your path to full potential, you will never be short on encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration.

Once you get started DON’T GIVE UP.

When we learn to stop making excuses, we become responsible for our own futures.
And when that happens, anything is possible.

What are you waiting for?

Start living your full potential NOW!

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