Just Imagine for a Moment…

…Travelling the world to over 35 exotic countries you’ve always dreamed of visiting – while earning a multiple 6-figure income and inspiring thousands of people…

Some days it’s hard to believe, but that’s my life…

That’s now. But it wasn’t always like this…


Starting out, I literally had no idea how to find consistent gigs, sell myself or what my exact niche was. Let me tell you, I completely get what it’s like.


I secured my first highly paid speaking gig in 2005 and I thought I’d made it. I was sure I’d be flooded with more offers. Boy, was I wrong…


It wasn’t until I learned what I know now that, I built a full time career. Today, I use everything I’ve learned to help others become highly paid public speakers.

The one realization that changed everything…Becoming a 6-figure public speaker is about finding your niche.

You don’t need to be a world expert, celebrity, or influencer. Find your niche and
your audience will be drawn to you. It’s that simple.

That’s how I pulled myself out of crippling student debt to quickly passing 6 figures
and being booked out across the world 12 months in advance.


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Who the heck am I?


As far back as I can remember, I have been intrigued by communication. From watching actors on screen, to watching my parents and everyday people on the street interact, I realized that the way people communicate has a profound impact on the quality of their lives.

I’ve seen people from all walks of life, from artists, to PHD’s, struggle to reach their full potential because they fail to understand the impact of strong communication skills.

I want to help YOU catapult your life and career by transforming your communication skills.

Through my company, Clear Media Communication Academy, I have helped countless people including CEO’s, Coaches, Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and more to become brilliant, powerful communicators.

I have spoken and taught in more than 20 countries, and have been seen on stage, radio shows, television and film screens around the world. I am so thankful that my business has allowed me to travel the world.

My multi-faceted background with degrees in both Psychology and Theatre, along with advanced studies in Psychology and Body language have helped me along the way. I’ve taken what I’ve learned on stage and applied it to help clients with stage presence. I’ve taken my Psychology background to help YOU build better relationships using communication, and my writing skills help craft unforgettable presentations.

I am here to help!


As a young child I loved talking! Seriously, I would talk any and EVERYWHERE…Yes, I happily spoke to strangers and at parent-teacher conferences they often said, “She is a great student, but…she is awfully social in class…”

My parents put me in acting classes to channel some of my energy, where I studied voice, stage presence, acting, and public speaking.

But then I hit a wall…

As I got older I struggled to find my authentic voice. I was often teased for the way I spoke. Kids would giggle and say, “You sound so proper.” or, “Why don’t you sound more urban?”

I felt Crushed, Embarrassed, Uncomfortable. . .

Sometimes I didn’t speak at all in groups because I was afraid of being teased.

But this experience forced me to find MY authentic voice.
Lucky for me ?

I wanted to be heard. I wanted to inspire.

I wanted to grow.


In college, I became “HCOC” Head communicator on campus because I would help friends prepare for class presentations or acting work.

I had no idea at the time that this would become my business.
Fast forward to Hollywood where I arrived with 2 suitcases (Yes, that was it), and a dream. I worked in TV, film, Commercials, Theatre, and I am privileged to have worked alongside many Hollywood Stars and Award Winners.

Even more importantly, I gave a voice to many important issues like teenage suicide, and drinking and driving by producing films to raise awareness.

I also began working with companies like Pepsi, Covergirl, Samsung, Chase, Hallmark, Propel Zero…and more as a spokesperson, branding specialist, and corporate Ambassador.

Simply put, I increased brand awareness by speaking about the product, helping to refine company messaging, and doing grassroots marketing.

The biggest lessons I learned: HOOK your audience, ENGAGE them, LEAVE them with a memorable message.

I was coaching, acting, and working with some pretty big companies…What’s next?

With a list of current clients, referrals, and upcoming workshops set, I founded Clear Media Communication Academy.

The smiles, the happiness, the satisfaction of our clients helped the business quickly grow.

The next step came naturally:
Help more people through the Power of the Web.

I am excited to join you on your communication journey.